What is DirecTV?

by tvguy on March 14, 2013

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Entertainment with Directv

We live in the world of entertainment. Accept it or not we are in it so badly that we can’t go by a day without entertainment. But when it comes to selection of one provider and a package out of many, only then the confusion starts. What is the actual difference between different providers and those packages they offer? Which one is right for us? They say that a good product doesn’t need outside help to get popularity as it has its own merit to be judged. Today we are going to look at Directv and its usefulness in the life of ordinary people.

What is Directv?

It is a satellite Broadcaster in the US. It started its transmission back in 1994 launched by Hughes Electronics. It is providing television and audio service to its subscribers in all over US and it was the first in its kind DBS (direct broadcast satellite) service provider in the world. As per their claim they have over 30 million subscribers and its growing day by day.

Directv channel guide:

Genuine questions arises when it comes to a satellite TV service provider is how many channels and are they any good?  They have well over 300 channels and out of them 185+ are HD.  Well obviously HD (High Definition) channels are good to watch but how about the packages they provide? Will it be good enough to make the whole family happy?  How about the cost involved in making everyone happy? Apparently DirecTV is committed to bringing the best TV experience at the most reasonable value. Their packages start from $29.99 and also for a limited time only FREE professional installation plus save $20 with FREE handling.

What Facilities DirecTV can provide:

DVR:  You can watch live tv, pause it and even rewind it with DVR.  You can set your DVR from a cell phone or even internet to record your favourite tv series that you like most or a sports event that you wanted to watch live but couldn’t due to other issues.  DirecTV do provide an app for your cell phone to set your DVR.

DirecTV on the go: Now this is something that many people will like. You can watch your favourite channel live on your iphone or ipad whenever you want. Not only that, it is even possible to watch on your laptop or desktop pc. For phones there are apps available from app store and for pc it can be straight from DirecTV login on their website. This is pretty smart and a good option for those who are constantly on the move or even out of town for business.

Others: Interactive Mix Channels is one another options which allow us to watch up to 8 channels in one screen. Pretty good if you have a big demanding family with one tv to share. They are also giving away for free GENIE upgrade which will allow you to watch in four different rooms at the same time. For first three month they are currently offering HBO, Startz, showtime and cinema for free. Now that is pretty lucrative serious offer to start with. Then what are the competitors doing? What’s on their plate to offer?

Competitors:  Two big competitors who are offering tv services to you are

  • DishTv : 14.33 million viewers reported by 2012
  • Comcast: 22.99 million viewers reported by 2012

Comparing to Directv, which stand at 30 million at the moment?  Why is this huge difference? Lets see what people are saying about Directv.

Gemma (Springfield): I am able to record two different programs at the same time, while watching another channel completely. This wasn’t available with dish network. I love it. Never had any problem with any of the channels i am getting. I will definitely recommend Directv over others i have used.

John (Mississippi): First of all pretty happy that i didn’t have to take a day off from work as they offer installation on Saturdays. That went smooth and till now never had any problems with the services. My wife loves those freebies which are given on holidays and weekends. It adds up to your expectation and entertainment.  Also Directv on demand is fascinating. You pay for exactly what you get.

Andrew (California): Never had any problems and taking whole package including phone and internet gives me peace of mind that I don’t have to go after the bills separately. Directv internet is great and it keeps my kids busy. Only problem I have with tv is bad weather. Thunder storms or rainy or cloudy day makes the tv bit wobbly. But hey I guess that’s life.

Word of Caution: It doesn’t matter what you signing, but make sure you read before you sign it. In a world like this, small prints sometimes give a heavy blow if you miss it by any chance. It goes for any contract you sign. Find out before you take out Directv that reception is good in that area. Other after signing it might bit problematic as you will keep calling for customer services. Look out for Bargain offers. They tend to come up with lots of offers especially during festival time. Don’t forget to haggle as that might save a lot in long run.

Advice on Buying: Buying is now these days a matter of few minutes. How you want to but are entirely up to you but compare before you buy it. Sometimes online buying is better as it allows you to use discount, coupons or even gives you bonuses. Also make sure of your billing cycle as you may be comfortable paying at certain time of the month. Make installation day at your own advantage.

Finally I would say if you are thinking of a service provider then Directv is a very good choice. They will sort out your phone, internet and tv at the same time.


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