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by tvguy on March 18, 2013

Move with Your TV

When you move places, soon after the moving the first thing you want to do is make sure your tv is working fine. I guess it is a natural instinct now these days and we just don’t want to be disconnected from the world of information. Now added to the equation is internet and phone lines. Well phone line can be covered by cell phones but hey land phone is land phone. Think about those people who are moving country for their work or other reasons. The natural instinct will force them to stay connected and well informed about the country they left. Sometimes it is harder as not enough tv channels you can get from abroad. But in US we are fortunate that we even get those.

Satellite tv Provider:  Two major provider in this field are Directv and Dishtv. They do hold a big market share of total satellite subscribers. Both of them have foreign channels included in their packages. Directv started in 1994 and Dishtv started in 1996. But main question comes into mind is which one people should pick. Let’s have a look at one stat only and that is how many subscriber they do have on their side?

Directv : 30+ million

Dishtv: 14+ million

Well that is a huge difference in figures. There must be something keeping that distance between them. Let’s find out what is keeping them far away from each other.

  • Directv is the first one who brought HD+ DVR into US market which allows us to record over 100 hours of entertainment. Also they are giving it away free for new customers. The new customer list also includes people who want to switch from other provider.
  • For first 3 month Free HBO,Straz, Cinemax and Showtime.
  • Free Genie DVR will allow to watch tv in 4 different rooms.
  • Online Directv channel guide to keep you updated about your favourites.
  • Directv login to you DVR system from iphone,ipad, pc and schedule recording for favourite wanted shows or movies.
  • Entertainment on the go means you can have it all on your smart phone or pc. Even directv on demand is available there.
  • NFL Sunday ticket. It is also available on the go meaning you don’t need to be at home in front of tv, you can watch it on your pc or even phone.
  • Directv HDR allows you to watch upto 8 channels in one screen. It is pretty good if you have two things going at the same time.
  • On demand movies are in 1080p which is same format as Blu-ray, which makes cinema experience excellent.
  • With Directv you can search and watch youtube videos straight on tv.
  • They also provide phone and internet.

Well you may find many other things about them but still not good enough until you see some reviews. People from different continent also get packages of their choice. Asian people have Asian channels, Middle Easter people have Arabic channels so does the European and so on. There is something for everyone. Let’s see what people are talking about Directv.

Samantha (North Carolina): I switched from another provider and till now no problem. Directv sorted my phone, internet and tv out. I find their system easy to use comparing to what i had before. Their customer service is very helpful and those guys from other end of the phone are very knowledgeable and do speak proper English.  I am not that much into technical aspect but I never had any problem with them.

George (Colorado): Without tv and internet i don’t how i will be able to pass a day.I work from home so I need internet and tv is my life line. Directv taking care of all my needs and it is easy for me to keep an eye on my bill. There is one problem I find problematic with my tv and that is when we get thunder storm. But hey you are not suppose to use electrical in a middle of storm.

Michael (New York): Being in a stressful job it is vital that you have proper refreshing time for yourself. Mine is my tv.  It keeps all my other thoughts at bay and keep me occupied till I am tired. Directv app on my iphone allows me to record all my favourites. Also play and pause on live tv is fantastic. But I guess you already know that. You want to know have i ever had any problem with them or their service. Sorry to say til now I haven’t. Everything is going smooth.

Things to look out: Try to pick only those packages which will be used frequently. Otherwise you will be paying a lot more without taking advantage of the packages. If you were given a promotion offer for free channels, make sure that you cancel them as soon as the time is up. Otherwise it will carry on and you may end up paying it. Best time to sign up is when there is promotion going. They tend to give discounted offers to new customers so wait before you jump in it. Internet is the best place for discount codes and promotional offer. Keep checking as it could be a long term money saver.

Decide Wisely:

It is entirely up to you what you going to do.  Someone came up with a list of 85+ things you can do with directv and strangely enough most of us don’t even know about them. Apparently you can watch your directv while flying over 30000 feet with airlines like Continental Airlines, JetBlue and Frontier Airlines. You can take vacation up to 6 months with directv and in that time you don’t have to worry about your bill. And the list goes on. So whatever you do but choose wisely.


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